Low Carb Ketogenic Diet to Treat Diabetes

Low Carbohydrate, ketogenic, Atkins type diet should be the first step in treatment of all diabetics, both type one and two. Numerous studies and practice experience testimonies have confirmed this. See Eric Westman’s second video below. The most comprehensive review of the data supporting using LCHF to treat diabetes was cited in the tremendous article by R D Feinman PhD per this link:

RD Feinman PhD: Low Carbohydrate Restriction as First Approach in Diabetes Management

The LCKD diet consistently lowers glucose and A1C. Dr. Westman cites numerous cases where his patients were able to get off all medication including insulin within weeks and in one case in days, see his second video below.  The number emerging is that over half of all diabetics who go on the diet come off most if not all their diabetic medications. Although the diet is high in fat including saturated fat, the diet consistently lowers triglycerides and raises HDL, the two most important lipid markers correlating with risk for heart disease. Also contrary to what one would think it is diets that are low in fat and high in carbohydrate such as the American Heart Association Low Fat “Heart Healthy” diet that increase blood saturated fat levels, thus increasing cardiac  disease risk.  Low carb, high fat diets to the opposite ie lower blood saturated fat levels.  Phinney and Volek showed this.  See their videos and books cited below.   In addition, low fat diets lower HDL, “good cholesterol,” raise triglycerides, and even though they lower LDL, “bad cholesterol,” they convert most of that LDL cholesterol to the small dense or truly dangerous form of LDL cholesterol.  Low carbohydrate diets, on the other hand, which in some cases will raise total and LDL cholesterol, convert the LDL to the large, buoyant, harmless form of LDL cholesterol, thereby lowering risk of heart disease far greater than low fat diets will.  Dietary saturated fat consumption which will increase in most low carb diets also has never been shown to increase risk of heart disease in numerous studies.  All this is covered and referenced in detail in the above linked article, as well as in Nina Teicholz’ tremendous book, “Big Fat Surprise, Why Butter, Meat, and Cheese belong in an Healthy Diet,” as referenced below as well as linked to a video of hers below.



There is a great online resource for diabetics interested in using a low carb diet to treat and reverse diabetes.  It is called Virta Health.  They provide online guidance in using low carb diet to treat your diabetes.  You can access it by this link:



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